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Introduction of e-BAST

eBAST is an online solution for an effective and efficient acceptance document transmittal, review and approval. It was developed since 2008 in accordance with the acceptance process of TINEM 3 agreement and was officially launched for its the initial stage at NSN Telkomsel project early 2010, after a half year of testing.

Its functionalities cover the process of site folder submission for BAUT until BAST approval by the Telkomsel for all scope of works i.e. SIS (Site Investigation), SA (Site Acquisition), CW (Civil Work) and TI (Telecom Implementation). It provides key advantages to all related project stakeholders such as improving an end to end visibility of document review and approval process, reducing lead time for document transmittal and approval.

Security standard is strictly applied in the eBAST to protect the data from an unauthorized access. For further information and suggestion for improvement, please contact NSN eBAST team through support@nsnebast.com.

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GeoTagging for eBAST launch on 1 Oct 2013
We are pleased to inform you that NSN just completed the development and testing of new feature in eBAST to support effective photo taking and submission. This new feature will help site engineer capturing accurate site photo using android mobile-phone and directly upload them into eBAST to its related site for report generation. Reviewer & approver can later on validate location in Google-Map. Please do not hesitate to contact NSN eBAST team for more detail info.
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SOAC Online
we are about to launch the SOAC online approval. now we are completing the testing and expected ready by first of Oct 2013. upon its readiness, no more approval on printed copy is required.
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